Psyker brain burst pre-charge way too punishing


aside from EVERYTHING generating a metric crapton of peril to the point of me seriously doubting my decision to carry a staff (and then asking myself why do i subject myself to this), charging up the burst for “immediate use” is great and all… except we dont perform this in sterile conditions

we have exploders running into us from doors right next to us, we have “waves” of elites while in the middle of a fight, and both before and after it we still need to function

on top of all that… holding up a charge and desperately trying to click the CORRECT target, through other enemies or through some railings (im looking at you, railing above hacking console) puts even more of a time limit on it


It’s simply way too cumbersome to use;
Maybe it’s just me but if I use Mouse1 I’ll either lose sight of the target or someone else will kill it early, dopping the charge to zero leaving me with a bunch of peril and nothing to show for it.

So i’ll mostly use Mouse2 to make sure to I won’t lose the charge, but it means by the time I’ve got it ready I’m already well on my way to blowing my own head off because you’re constantly generating peril as long as the button is held down, and desperately trying to target.

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Try holding M1 even when the target is out of view, you dont have to retain a visual to brain blast em

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what Totalstranger said… just keep holding it

hell, you can lock on and turn around and walk the other way, it will still land, thats the coolest part of the skill

try playing at higher difficulties - its like playing a different game, the elites are a lot harder for everyone else to deal with,

that being said, peril management is even more hectic there, and using a staff is seriously risky sometimes because of it