Psyker and zealot's talent tree are still worst

Vet and orgin have both ranged and melee talent(though some still useless in DT’S environment now). But psyker and zealot’s talent tree is all for only ranged or melee, it’s not fair.
psyker’s melee talent and zealot’s ranged talent can just copy VT2(which is how you did however), unless you have decided let them appear in paid careers.

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Honestly there are quite a few melee build that work well for Psykers.

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Literally wat.
Psyker runs one of the strongest (high-risk, but strongest) melee build with dueling swords and high crit/high finesse.

Zealot being not very great with ranged is balanced by zealots having highly variable (and good for auric) melee builds: single-target focus, mass killing focus, and CC/stagger focus.


don’t make a post if you’re gonna say dumb stuff like this

Zealot is a melee focused class and has a mix of everything to assist in that.
Psyker is peril focused and has a lot to assist with that (and gunpsyker is really good), dont even get me started on how good duel swords are at killing specials.
what are you smoking?


Mate, he’s a dedicated melee class. And yet, he still has access to a fair few strong ranged weapons (revolver pocket sniper rifle, anyone?).
I for one enjoy being a highly effective specialist and absolutely do not want to have every class capable of doing everything equally well.

My brauto focused zealot build begs to differ.
Same as with my melee dueling sword psyker.

Then all you guys don’t mention the other 2 have both melee and ranged talents, cool.


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