PS4 Sienna’s attacks make aweful sound

Issue Summary:
Playing Sienna and making attacks make the fire sound linger for ever and it is too loud. This makes Sienna unplayable in my opinion. Why should the fire sound take over the entire game? Please comment on this choice of design! I think it just make the game worse in every aspect.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Choose Sienna
  2. Cast a fire spell on a enemy
  3. Listen to the loud sound of fire

Reproduction Rate (Choose One)
Constant. 100%


I will second this. You are fighting then it sounds like a raging waterfall.

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I have the same problem. I can’t play the game it is so loud. Each time I can’t it gets worse and changing characters doesn’t help or make the sound go away. I have to load a new map entirely to make the sound stop.

We are aware of the problem and have fixed it internally. Unfortunately almost everyone is away during the holidays so we don’t have the means to patch until after new years. Sorry about this

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