[Ps4] no more gibbing

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but gibbing no longer works as it should. Only way I can chop off some part of the body is with critical hits. However, for some reason it’s like blunt weapons( 2h hammer, crowbill, .etc) is the only way for me to have some sort of gib. It makes the game far less satisfying to play because the gore is what makes it satisfying. I hope this gets acknowledged and gets fixed very soon.

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Would you mind providing a recording?

I hope this is enough

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I’ve spoken with development who have confirmed this is working as intended. Gibbing has been disabled except for on critical hits due to performance reasons. However, there is a potentially related issue where if the host Gibs an enemy, clients cannot see nor will be able to Gib it themselves. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch. Hope this helps!


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