[PS4] New Crash Number + Instances Where I Have Crashed

Issue Summary:
I have had hard crashes at various points in the game; though the crash number is different in this latest patch. I will blue screen and receive error CE-38700-8. There’s no real way to replicate consistently the crash happens at different times, but here are the instances where crashes have happened most often:

  • Warcamp, during the Ribspreader fight
  • When someone is joining into a game in progress
  • Horn of Magnus (at any time, but usually before or by the barrel event)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
About once every four games

I am using a standard PS4, and I receive crashes both on and off Twitch mode.

i truly believe they don’t even play the console version.

Gonna add waiting for the boat on Engines of War. Crashed 3 times there. FoW is crashing like mad. Also against the Grain when you first drop down to do the first cart. Crashed there a few times.

Playing any type of deed or twitch is super risky cause as soon as the game has to work a little for those frames it will probably crash. Halescourge is awful. Even a horde can crash you if you don’t clear them out fast enough.

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