PS4: Looking up involuntarily

Camera is forced to look up when using a character and menus scroll up involuntarily

Step 1: select character (used witch hunter)
Step 2: either occurs immediately or after time staying stationary
Step 3: open okri’s challenges when occuring and select quests or challenges so that the menu has something to scroll up
Step 4: observe camera moving up and scrolling up

  • This occurred all but in my first time starting the game. It seems to get more significant each time. 90% bug on PS4. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No fix.

I would attach a video, but that’s too much effort for something I’m not getting paid for and is easily described. V1 was bug ridden and could hardly get a match. V2 is far better than the first and I’m worried that this will become unplayable like the first. Maybe it gets fixed, but by that time too many people will shelf it. Myself included. Which is a shame because these could be remarkable games.

I’ll go ahead and ask the most obvious of questions.
This is only an issue in V2? It’s not just a busted controller?

Seconding this; had this issue, and my sticks were dying. Verm is a bit rough on controllers (I’ve gone through two).

It would be ideal if you could try another controller, if that’s an option for you.

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