PS4: Incorrect German description of Handmaiden passive


The German description of the Handmaiden’s passive Ariels Bension is incorrect.

German description:
Ariels Segen
Erhöht die Wiederbelebungsgeschwindigkeit um 50%. Die Wiederbelebung von Verbündeten heilt Kerillian für 20 Gesundheit.

Ariels Bension
Increase Kerllian’s revive speed by 50%. The reviving of allies heals Kerillian for 20 health.

Should be:
Die Wiederbelebung von Verbündeten heilt diese um 20 Gesundheit.

Or closer to the English description:
Wenn Kerillian Verbündete wiederbelebt, heilt sie diese um 20 Gesundheit.

The word “diese” can also be replaced by “jene”, which sounds a bit more “old-school” and sublimely. But diese is more common and makes totally clear who gets the healing.
And the word “for” is translated to “für” which is incorrect in this context. It has to be “um”.

Thank you for your attention to this little excursion into the German grammar.

Greetings and have a good day.


Note: This issue also affects the PC version

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