Ps4 Cosmetics missing

Hi, some of the cosmetics in lohner’s emporiom shop present since last year on pc, are still missing on ps4.
The paid cosmetics are present, no problem there…

I would like to understand, why this absence? And above all, what is the point of doing the daily and weekly games, knowing that the money is only used to buy cosmetics, but the cosmetics are absent…

Could you help me out and tell me which cosmetics are missing exactly?

Missing cosmetics include The Veteran (Foot Knight), Helm of Torment (Shade), Pyrodeus’ Candlegate (Pyromancer). These are not the only ones missing, but I don’t have access to the game now, and don’t have all the names in mind.

If you need all the missing cosmetics I’ll list them for you later today.

All the list :

Foot knight - the veteran

Ranger veteran - Grobchufdrongol
Ranger veteran - Karakiaz Grobklad
Ironbreaker - Barazaldkap
Slayer - Wrothdrengi
Slayer - Angazstump

Waystalker - Evercrown
Handmaiden - Mask of the Chaste
Shade - Helm of Torment

Zealot - Hammerkine

Pyromancer - Pyrodeus Candlegate

Thank you very much, we’re looking in to it!

Thank you for the quick response

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