PS4 controller settings

Hi, Just picked up vermintide with my circle of friends on PS4.
The controller mappings are all pre-set. How easy is it to patch in manual mapping for the fatshark team?
eg I would like R1 to be heavy attack and L3 to be ping a monster.
but this isnt an option in the pre-set choices.
There was no key binding in enter the gungeon when first released and it was added later, so it much be possible.
However is it a realistic request?

While I agree that full mapping would be ideal you can change the button configuration at the system level on the PS4. Go to settings and under accessibility is a button configuration option that overwrites the default button layout. You can even add an accessibility shortcut to the quick menu so you can toggle it quickly. I have had to use this option for several games already and it really helps.

Also, look at alternate 2 or 3 (I can’t remember which) as it fulfills most of your needs. Career skill = L2, Block = L1, Dodge/Jump = R2, Attack = R1; this is the layout that I have found works the best for quick, responsive inputs.

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