Proposals on the Plasma Gun

Based on discussions amongst my Darktide playing friends, I’ve arranged two proposals on the Plasma Gun.

Proposal 1:

  • Primary Fire: Left as is
  • Secondary Fire: ADS
  • Special: Charge Attack
    Stat changes are a boost to projectile size, in order to make it feel less like a rail gun and more like firing an actual blob of plasma, a small reduction in heat per shot for standard and charged fire, along with an increase in cooldown speed to make up for the removal of the active vent. Finally, an increase in the weapon’s inherent damage against carapace armor and unyielding.

Proposal 2:

  • Primary Fire: Hold to Charge
  • Secondary Fire: ADS
  • Special: Modified Active Vent
    As with the first proposal, there should be an increase in projectile size, a small reduction in heat per shot on charged and uncharged, and an increase to damage against carapace armor and unyielding. The charged shot would instead be made to work as it does on the Lucius, by holding down the fire button. Meanwhile, instead of having the Active Vent hurt the player directly, it would instead lower your movement speed, meaning any potential damage would come from recklessly using it in a close quarters encounter.

I believe either of these two proposals would be sufficient to make the plasma gun worthy of it’s status as a class special, and more competitive against the other high end weapons such as the Accatran Autolas and the Bolt Gun.

Any thoughts or critiques from the community?

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I absolutely love the gun just the way it is. My only critic on the weapon is the extreme brightness during the reload animation.

Other than that, I think its in a good spot.

I would take a slightly faster vent speed and more reserve ammo. I don’t know why ads is so important, it always hits dead center like the quake railgun.

I actually don’t consider ADS necessary either, the Plasma Gun is pinpoint accurate anyway. I just noticed while talking to people that they seem to prefer ADS regardless.

The plasma gun needs to be the most powerful and effective ranged weapon in the game, replacing the bolter as this position or you may as well play zealot who can enjoy serious melee abilites as well. As I have said in my own post on QoL the plasma gun needs to be more nuclear or is will only be used as an alternative for bolter usage fatigue.