Properties cannot be rolled

Cannot roll
[+armoured +monsters ] or [+armoured +berserks] on charm for some reason.

While you can have infantry with berserks and monsters.

Based on what?

If you would be so kind, this might be the explanation you are looking for. I’m not sure which properties are in which pools so I’m unsure as to the exact possible combinations but, if you’ve spent 200-300 dust and still haven’t nailed the combo, it’s likely that both properties are in the same pool.

I’m curious on the breakpoint you’re trying to hit?


Could this be the first confirmed case of someone finding a good use for power vs berserk?!




Wasnt really breaking any points, I just had to do something with all stuff game throws at me.

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Neither really looking for +berserks as you can see, just was curios why the hell is it possible to roll armoured with any of stats, even infantry, but not berserks and monsters. Makes no sense to me

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