Problems with fat women having any bardin character

When playing with the bardin engineer, specials with armor always appear among the hordes, I would believe it if the bardin bullets used in the turret were piercing, but it is a small amount of ammunition, even the machine gun rats are bigger and it shows that have more scope. But the other problem is that even not having the engineer in the group and using another kind of bardin, the hordes appear as if the engineer were even more frequent, so much so that the frame rate drops due to the number of hordes that are put on. the game almost crashed. And well, of the 10 games that I am with Bardin as an engineer, I only get to complete 3 and of those 3 only 1 is completed with all the books. With Markus, there were bonuses that mitigated the difficulty a bit. But with bardin in engineer, the hordes appear if not suddenly in a clean area or through walls and floors where there is no hole from which they can get out.


That’s the only bit I understood, it has been reported and I don’t think it is Engi related.


Have you tried any other characters since the last update to make sure it is really related to Bardin or the game in general?

Also, what is your original language? Because a lot of what you are saying is very hard to understand and we may be able to help better if you just post in the original language (assuming we have at least one competent community member speaking it).

I mean how in hell could “large hordes” become “fat women”?


and if I put my group without bardin with bots and check with characters and the hordes come out as they should, if one or two with armor and 2 specials before, during and after the horde. With bardin, 2 gas rats, storm wizard, pack master and monks leave without even passing 1 meter from the previous horde. And the patrols sometimes appear suddenly in the middle of the hordes or just finishing turning around they suddenly appear

Also the damn hitbox, there are enemies that hit you at almost five feet with melee attacks, or I dodge to the side when it is a strong attack from the enemy and I move more to one side and I notice that the attack fails but the game take it as they have damaged me

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h a and another thing, I can no longer mark enemy on objects, only when I give instructions or notice to pick up objects

yeah fat women having bardin characters is a big issue, I hope the obesity buffs get toned down next patch. massively imba currently


Can someone make this a sticky? This is hilarious. :smile:

Well I must agree with this one - CWs suddenly sliding sideways when preparing their overhead is a thing, and I got whacked a couple of times because I dodged in the same direction as their slide. Also regular rats tend to first run up to you, and then when they’re already in your face, and you expect them to stab you, they suddenly initiate the running attack effectively running on the spot and then hitting you with their magical extended inescapable running attacky hitbox. Extremely annoying and happens as a host too. Can’t say this one got worse with the update though - its been a while since I last played a slow weapon character.

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