Premium cosmetics


Is there a way you could mark purchased premium cosmetics as “owned” in the collections tab once they are purchased? After purchase, they only appear as owned when you view the cosmetic items individually in the shop, they don’t appear as owned on the collections tab and I can see that getting a bit confusing when the collections tab builds with more cosmetics.

Steam also allows me to buy cosmetics twice from the collections tab, I’m not sure if that is intended.


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I had the same problem. Steam doubled my purchase for Kruber and his hat and skin showed up twice in my inventory.

I preferred the old way of getting cosmetics. Much less jank.

I can see why they don’t want to sell cosmetics through their store page. Eventually, they would end up with so many cosmetics on the store page it would appear uninviting to new customers (they would basically see endless DLCs). But, they definitely need to improve the in-game store.

I’ve had a second look at the issue I raised. I can see on the collections tab that it shows the items as owned, however, the “acquire” button is still active. So at first glance, someone could be forgiven for thinking they haven’t bought something that they already own. I would prefer that button to say “owned” like all the other DLCs are marked there, that I have bought.

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