Premium cosmetics not purchasing correctly

For some reason when I purchased Kruber’s cosmetic items, it went through twice. I’ve got two copies of it in my inventory as well. Can I get one of them returned?

None of the items are appearing as ‘acquired’ and they’re all still available for purchase.

Sorry to hear this. As all purchases are handled by Steam, please explain your issue to Steam Support and they should be able to help reverse this for you.

Here’s the response I got from Steam:

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

In-game purchases are non-refundable per publisher request. If we were to refund one of those purchases the third party would likely restrict or ban your game account, which we definitely don’t want to happen.

As it does appear that the content purchased in-game is likely only designed to be purchased once you’ll need to contact Warhammer Vermintide 2 support to explain the situation and ask if they can either exchange one of the purchases for other in-game content or confirm that one of the transactions can be refunded without any negative action being taken against your game account.

Please provide them with these two transaction numbers: 2712832256641498870 & 2712832256641500345 and ask them to specify which transaction can be refunded.

You can reach Warhammer: Vermintide 2 support by using the information from the Official Support section here.

Once you have their response please send us full-screen images of your entire correspondence with them and we can go from there.

Warm regards

I’ve responded to your submission via the Support Portal, but I’ll paste my reply here in case:

I’ve raised this with our Marketing department as an urgent issue, we need to make sure these duplicates are refundable. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update on the matter.

Out of interest, I don’t suppose you’re able to submit a manual refund request via the Steam website?: How To Request A Refund - Steam Support

I submitted a request there as well. I figured I’d respond here since this is where I started the whole thread.

Please keep me posted! :+1: Our Marketing department have contacted Steam also.

The response that I posted was from the steam refund request page. They’d like you to “confirm that one of the transactions can be refunded without any negative action being taken against your game account.”

They’re saying that they’ll refund the purchase if I can send them a screenshot of our correspondence saying you agree and specifying which of either purchase ( 2712832256641498870 & 2712832256641500345) can be refunded.

When I said I submitted a request there as well, I meant the ‘official Fatshark support page’, which was linked in the message they (steam support) sent me.

Of course, no negative action will be taken against the account. I promise! Steam, please refund this individual! If you need me to state an order number, let’s use: 2712832256641500345.

You could link them to this post to make life easier, I suppose.

I’ve already contacted Steam to request that they honour any refund requests for duplicated purchases, but have yet to hear back. So, Steam, if you’re reading this - help me out. :wink:

Sorry this has been such an inconvenience for you.

wow, thanks for the quick reply. I figured they’d let you take the weekends off at least!

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