Pre-Order Beta Feedback

I spent most of my time playing in the pre-launch beta playing Psyker so most of my feedback is focused on that class. I also have a lvl 30 veteran and a lvl 12 Ogryn. I did not play Zealot yet.


  • Improve performance/optimization
  • Reduce crashing
  • Reduce disconnects


  • Add feature to save dedicated keybindings for each class
  • Add a separate keybinding for quelling peril
    • Can be set to the same button for reload by default
  • Audio trigger for reaching 100 peril is too loud and needs to be lowered


  • The revolver needs more reserve ammo and faster reload speed or more ammo per magazine
    • I think this is the best feeling gun in the game to shoot but it feels underwhelming to use
  • Would be nice to have access to the shotgun on the Psyker
  • Ogryn weapon selection feels lacking
    • Would like to add that the kickback feels terrible and does not leave a good first impression of the class
    • Mace by itself without the shield also doesn’t feel great
  • Power sword push feels worse after the change and the stamina on the weapon is so low that it makes it hard to use if you’re constantly dodging and can’t restore stamina
    • Overall feels a bit lackluster compared to other classes special melee weapons
    • Hard to justify bringing it sometimes when passive quelling is so much better on non-force melee weapons
  • Trauma & surge staff vertical aiming feels wonky
  • Trauma staff feels too peril hungry
  • Purgatus staff should be able to crit
    • As far as I know it can’t from testing in the meat grinder
  • Chain weapons feels satisfying to use but the delay on the chain getting caught feels rough from a defensive perspective
  • Plasma gun not being able to vent heat when there is not enough ammo to reload feels bad
    • Venting with the special at the cost of health also feels bad


  • All of the soulblaze Psyker feats feel useless
  • Brain Burst feels bad on most difficulties
    • Feels like it was balanced for Malice (3)
    • Things die too fast on lower difficulties
      • Teammates kill everything before your BB goes off
    • Things die too slow on higher difficulties
    • Transition from 3 → 4 feels especially punishing
      • Dogs take twice as long to kill
      • Mutants take 50% longer to kill
    • Keep health % consistent across difficulties 3-5 and lower cast speed on difficulties 1-2?
    • Snipers feel impossible to target sometimes if there is a horde of enemies coming at you
  • Ogryn feels underwhelming to level
    • Most of the value from Ogryn feels like it comes from the base abilities and passives of the class
    • A lot of the feats feel like they don’t add as much value as they do in other classes
    • The ogryn grenade feels lackluster compared to other classes grenades or abilities
    • Note that I have not fully leveled to level 30
  • Veteran feels good to play but feels dependent on weapon selection
    • Overall the guns and melee weapons could use some additional balancing to make the class loadout feel more variable


  • Add a feature to allow locking an item in the store to prevent losing access to buying it if you don’t have enough money at the time
  • Add a feature to access a UI to navigate different areas of the hub
    • I hate having to run around the ship to do anything
    • If I could access a UI directly from operative selection and not load into the ship I imagine it might also reduce load times
  • Add something in the meat grinder that deals damage to help with toughness/health related testing
  • Shop RNG can feel bad
    • I still don’t have a power sword as a lvl 30 veteran
  • Mission RNG can feel bad
    • I sometimes play the same missions 3-4 times in a row because that is the only mission with the difficulty and modifiers I want


  • I’m not sure if it’s a latency issue but
    • Mutants seem to grab me no matter how I time my dodge
    • I can’t seem to consistently push bursters
  • Sliding seems almost too important to movement in this game
    • Maybe it’s easier on controller but holding shift and pressing control at the same time doesn’t feel natural and I ran out of mouse buttons for everything I need in this game
  • Grimoires don’t give enough rewards to justify the added challenge of permanently losing having of your health and then losing it if you die (or crash…)

Overall I’m having a blast so far. Thanks for making a great game and I hope it improves from here.