Pre-Game click and button spam

I do have a huge issue with all the clicks and buttons i need to press to actually get into the game. Let me explain: I click “Play” on Steam (1 click), game doesn’t start but a launcher window opens where I again click on “Play” (2 clicks). Game starts, i press “Escape” to skip the various videos including the intro (3 times + the 2 clicks before) and now i have to press “Space” to get connected (once Spacebar, thrice Escape and 2 mouse clicks). Why??? And to top it all, if i pressed “Space” and i get a backend error (like currently at a constant rate) i can’t quit the game. Alt+F4 freezes my PC so i have to reboot. Please stop that. The amount of click and button spam to finally get into the game is atrocious, please reduce it. Get rid of the launcher-type window (-1 click), an in-game option to skip intros (-3 Escape pushes) and log me in automatically on game start like many other games do (-1 Spacebar push).