PoxHound HP Too High?

Pox Hound can sustain a very high amount of Damage directed at it, a disabler with high speed , high HP and nearly unstaggerable.

a Plasma Gun (highest single shot damage in game), nearly 80% in both damage and stopping power.

PoxHound is considered an Infected, a charged shot does 1737 Damage on WeakSpot, thats nearly the highest damage you can get with a plasma gun.


Combined with the Veteran Sharpshooter 15% Weak Spot Damage to the already 1737 Damage → 1997 Damage

A Charged Plasma Shot of highest possible Damage vs PoxHound at Difficulty 4 (Heresy) wont kill a hound.
Combined with its new Flying maneuvers its the worst type of target to fight right now.


Poxhound is by far the buggiest and worst designed enemy in the game. They tried to copy paste the assassin from VM2, but it turned out horrible. At least the assassin had low HP, even in Cata (damnation there). Easy to deal with, but deadly to neglect. Worked great, not perfect, but great.
Here, with poxhound, I don’t even know where to start. The high HP is a good start point I guess.

And just for kicks, one of the first Modifiers they add in the game for missions are? That’s right, more poxhounds!! hahaha What a joke.


Dont forget they also have buggy hitboxes, buggy pounces and janky movement animations that throw their hitbox all over the place.
I have no problem with high health on these enemies because, since its nurgle, it kinda makes sense, the bugs though? Not so much. Fix those and they dont feel as bad as they do right now.


Try a helbore instead. At least with a good roll it can 1 shot dogs to the head on heresy without ult, and 1 shot them to the head with ult up on damnation.

Although, hitting them in the head can be quite challenging as well considering their speed and unpredictable movement patterns.

Yeah imagine with all of this bad movement and flying up and down, yet still if you managed to get a precise weak spot of a charged plasma gun, it wont take it down.

also if a teammate got attacked by the hound, you would need a charged shot of plasma + non charged to take it down, that’s about 2700 damage.

The sound cue for their leap is also too late with how it acquires you as a target. That’s just bad design.

I agree with everything said and would like to add: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING MAKING A WHO LET THE DOGS OUT CONDITION

One buggy high HP pox hound running at you is bad enough, having 2 or 3 charge at you around a corner at once? Get out of here with that nonsense!

At this point if I’m isolated I drop a grenade at my feet just incase my push fails or there’s another hound after I shove the first.

it seems am not the only one.

sometimes i do even trigger red barrel, as it damage is little to player.

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Surprisingly, it does more damage, this is the helbore lasgun i got, nearly full Damage & Stopping Power Modifiers, yet still not 1 shot kill, but close enough , 1 charged shot+1 non charged should do the job

Although per stats it should do less damage than a plasma , yet it does more

Am I the only one that enjoys that condition? Lol. I honestly find it fun fending off the semi regular double dog spawns.

I think dogs are intentionally designed to be fairly hard to kill with ranged weapons. They’re there to punish split up groups, and most melee kills them pretty quick (one DC MK IV Sword overhead to the head one shots them for me on Heresy). I’m more bothered by dodging and pushing them feeling somewhat inconsistent. That said even if they grab someone as long as there’s at least one other person nearby they rarely get the chance to do any real damage.

That said a fully charged plasma gun shot really ought to one shot them. I think that’s more of a problem with plasma charged shot generally than dogs though. It often isn’t worth it over uncharged shots.


Hounds are the worst designed enemy by miles. Very buggy AI, very janky movements, hitbox seems broken, dodging them is inconsistent at best.

I think for the time being as a bandaid fix make the dogs HP much lower (about half) to compensate for the problems they have.


Was Testing out Bolter vs PoxHound.

it seems for some reason Bolter only does 50% Damage vs infested Enemies (As PoxHound), and thats nearly a full damage modifier stat bolter.

A weakspot shot does even lower damage than the base weapon damage on a poxhound, thats with the 15% damage of weakspot as for veteran passive.

Here is the deal with pox hound

1 Its a infested type dont use plasma for it, you not gonna OS everything just cuz you have plasma gun (same goes with bolter)

2 Pox hound and hitbox during game is not the same than animation, exactly like reaper when they fall down from stagger so make the aim during his sprint difficult.

3 Few bullet in his head is not that hard or one good hit even on lv 5

This is the damage of a 79% Plasma Gun

This is the damage table, it should 1 shot the poxhound, its 1784, with Lucius Helbore rifle, 1272 Damage and the hound is nearly 5% HP, here we are doing 1784 without the 15% extra weakspot hit, but yet the weapon is only doing 900 damage, because the weakspot hitbox is bugged , and with a high HP disabler things are even worse. not to mention that poxhound still do enjoy playing kerbal space program

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you got a big wide dps circle like shotgun ? i dunno i know one thing your hit go through him and walls, this is probably the main reason.

And the gameplay design is : Weapon for type !

I suppose its because its more of a precision rifle or something.

Are you using the “sniper” talent? Because if you are, you should get that extra damage you need to 1 shot just by moving back a few meters.

well Lucius is one of the weapons which does lower damage than base in short range. so yeah at long range you should be able to 1 tap “if headshot” a poxhound, but will it be easy?

It depends, if the dog is coming right at you in a straight line, lining up a headshot should be relatively easy.

But if you are trying to snipe out a dog while dodging around a horde, specials and elites, and whatever else is trying to eat your face, it can be pretty difficult to get that headshot.

Normally i just hope i can at least do enough damage to it at range so it will be easier to finish off with a melee attack.

Edit: But yes, i feel the poxhound has to much hp, it needs to many melee attacks to kill, which often leads to the dog surviving your initial attack and running off again.

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