Power Cells falling thru map

Just played a map 20 minutes ago, the one for the Aegis Shield. Anyway, we grabbed a powercell for one of the medicae stations. When we went to place the powercell into the medicae to power it on. Instead the powercell passed thru the medicae and fell thru the map and vanished forever. Never seen that before.

SteamID: RemoraDFC

Played the above mention map with 3 others, via Steam. I would rate this bug Rare. First time i’ve seen it. Aproximate time of incident. Sometime in last hour of this message post.

console-2022-12-05-17.28.30-e5c903db-f1ae-42de-b55d-5c30212a75d1.log (459.9 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (242.9 KB)

Sorry, having trouble figuring out what mission you mean. In that log you’ve got two played missions, Refinery Delta-17 (a desert level) and Enclavum Baross (a city mission), do you recall which of the two it was?

The map is very likely Enclavum Baross and the power cell goes through the floor if you drop it around the med station area near the end of the mission.


Correct. Spad nailed it. That is right.

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