Powder exchange

Currently it is only possible to exchange a higher level of powder to a lower level and it’s 1 for 1. Maybe it would be better to exchange powder from a higher level to a lower level at a rate of 1 for 10, and a lower level powder to a higher one at a rate of 100 for 1? This would make it more versatile. Players who have been playing for a while have +999 orange powder and it’s basically worthless to them.

This is a sound suggestion in the current system, but I think the entire crafting system should be more akin to the weaves weapons crafting system as it is just painful and not exactly good design to have to reroll over and over and over again until you have the properties you want.
Even the ability to lock one property for example would be a great bonus.
The random crafting era in videogames should be behind us at this point.

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