Powder barrels seem a bit.... lackluster

Ive always thought throughout VT1 and 2, that explosive barrels seemed a tad… weak, in terms of their damage done, and just general explosion. If a tiny black powder bomb makes a giant resounding BOOM, would not a barrel filled with at least 30-50x more powder at least explode at the same size? (true, its not as pressurized as a bomb, but that is A LOT of powder). I mean… when we have 3 of them on hunger in the dark, the actual explosion/boom is amazing and wipes out tons of trolls (not that it should be nearly that strong, just saying :P)

Thoughts anyone?

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Yes… I haven’t seen no one use them :frowning:



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Explosive bomb is amazing and fire bomb is trash.
Explosive barrels are horrible and oil barrels are great.


So… buff fire bomb and explosive barrel :smiley: everyone wins

Did you know if you mix cocaine with black powder you get a potent drug called brown brown? This is why I always take a barrel with me when I leave the map. I can at least take a load off after I’ve been puked on, punched in the face by a Chaos Warrior, set on fire and finally given PTSD by Ranald.

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