Possible hacking

I just finished playing a mission, but her is the funny thing. Now this may not be helpful, but I feel I must make FatShark aware of potential hackers. During this mission I noticed there were like 3 or 4 players and 2 or 3 BOTs. In any case, there were a total of 6 in the squad. Now unless there has been change in the number, there should only be 4 players and/ or BOTs in the squad. I cannot for the life of me remember this particular players name, but he appeared to be glitching through out the entire mission. I tried to type in chat, but what ever I typed would not show up in chat. I tried talking to them via my headset, but they never responded to me. I also took, or at least thought I took a few screen shots, but no screen shots were to be found so I may include them with this post. I also looked into social and recent missions so I may try to find this players name, but nope, it was not there.

It’s a common bug that happen, the player take the place of the bot but the bot stay there

:smiley: This is an issue on our end that we need to address, no hacking here! Thank you for taking the time to let us know!