Possible bug with Battlewizard Talent, Rechannel

Issue Summary:
The Rechannel Talent Reads:

When Tranquility is active, Sienna’s ranged charge time is reduced by 40%.

It is also reducing the amount of heat generated to fully charge, and that is particularly beneficial for (and most noticeable on) the Flamewave Staff. Either the error is in the effect, or the text on the talent is.

I didn’t know if there were any mods to see this effect numerically, but these screenshot comparisons show it clearly enough. I was using Voracious Conjuring for T1 talent for all tests, and Heat Sink (20% less heat generated) on both staffs, because I’m lazy.

Fully charged vs finished firing, with and without Rechannel on Conflag and Flamewave:

Clearly it is impacting the heat generated while charging, and since it is the only staff which generates the bulk of it’s charged attack heat before firing, this is most noticeable on Flamewave.


I think charged attacks generate heat at a fixed rate, say 5 heat per second or whatever. So decreasing charge time should also decrease the amount of heat for full charge.

Agree the text does not communicate this well… should probably be updated.

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I think that’s exactly what he meant. That is should most certainly not do this as it does only say faster attacks not cheaper ones as well.

I personally have no problem for it to work like that in case of the passiv heat created by upholding a spell but the flame wave should have fixed heat needed to fully load.

Not sure if bug or bad tooltip, but passed this one on all the same.


It is. I think the Flamewave and Drakecannon are much stronger since the Big Balance Patch, but any talents that help Flamewave are more than welcome.

It should read:

When Tranquility is active, Sienna’s ranged charge time and charging heat are reduced by 40%.

I think it’s odd that they don’t apply the properties of this staff to others, as it would be interesting if the slower staffs like Conflag could also charge their heat prior to firing. Flamewave and Drakecannon are uniquely vulnerable while charging/firing, as any damage taken will interrupt charging/firing and leave the heat accumulated on your meter. Every other staff and Drake Pistols can spam charged shots to be effective, so charging heat reductions would have no benefit on them, but Conflag sharing the properties of Flamewave’s charging behaviors, and this reduced charging cost from Tranquility, would add another beneficiary of Rechannel.

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