Portraits count as items and take up inventory space

Here’s a video of me claiming a portrait and becoming unable to open any more chests.

You previously told me that portraits don’t count as items, but it seems that is not true? You also said illusions and art don’t count as items. Are you sure they don’t affect the inventory limit too?


In any case, portraits really shouldn’t take inventory space, for the same reasons listed in this thread regarding hats and skins. http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/lohners-emporium-and-inventory-limit/37683


I was able to test if weapon illusions take up inventory space. It seems they don’t, so at least Hedge was correct about that.

I will test if art takes up inventory space when they fix it so that “Shadows over Drachenfels” shows up after claiming it. Luckily I read about it before claiming it myself.

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Just scrap your 50 red axes >:(

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With the update fixing the “Shadows over Drachenfels” art, I was able to confirm that art do not take up inventory space.

This should be moved to bugs.