Poll: Do you think the Itemization Update will Release on June 25th?

I think it will just unlock the once and off you go, I honestly don’t think you would need to run the mission for upgrading every weapon you own…

IMO, it would just be for story purposes only and new mission to run overall.

I do think we are getting reds though.

That would be nice, though I imagine they would also introduce higher tier blessings and such if they do considering the highest right now is ‘purple’.

Not sure it’s a good idea to introduce a higher tier of gear without a higher tier of difficulty to use it on.

Will eventually happen though.

This is something that would make more sense and something I would be interested in seeing and playing around with.

There’s an important difference between this and keeping everything locked at 80, as if we kept it locked at 80 and made max weapons 350 it would be more limiting even with deterministic stats, but having weapons be 400 but have stats able to go to 100% opens up more choice.

Maybe. If FS did it correctly (unlikely).

I got confused what you were saying, if you were talking about the potential of stat bars compared to what we have in the current implementation.

However like many other parts of this game, even if there is potential to make it good I would rather have it not be there so either FS doesn’t leave it in a poor state or make it worse.

We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

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The talk of a revamp was almost null. Might as well consider it such.

Everything in moderation, see Diablo II vs. Diablo III.

Consider the relationship between studio and audience.

As you say, VS is a good example. The dev has also been generous with their success (free updates, free mobile version, same price since launch, sincere comms), whereas Blizzard went full Activision with Diablo Immortal.

“But it’s one dev”, I hear you say — that’s kind of what I’m talking about. Once you get the “stakeholder-approved mechanic” smell, it’s hard not to notice how much it’s permeated through a game. And as much as I admire the tenacity of professional ‘game-bler’ psychologists, I gotta say they don’t always get the balance right between retention and revulsion.

On one hand you’re right, Darktide has some compelling meta-progression systems which theoretically could produce an impressive degree of build freedom and variety (when they actually finish it). On the other hand, there are only so many concessions they’re willing to give because the expectation is that without some form of progression players will cease to play.

Ironically it’s the provided progression path (dark, winding, and scattered with legos) that has probably driven away more players than it’s kept.


I think in addition to this way to many games got flat out drunk off mechanics that extend playtime.

Payday 3 was a huge example of this, a lot of the challenges are flat out unreasonable and while their stated goal was to make it so people played varied heists it just resulted in people camping bathrooms on the penthouse heist because the kill requirements for weapon leveling is obnoxious.

Not to mention the “complete X number of heists on this mission” also got kinda dumb for the amount that they were asking. The heists weren’t exactly long but the problem is that there isn’t really a long heist in the first place so you never got that 40-60 minute of epic shootouts moment.

Imo the concept of player retention strategies has probably done more damage to recent games than help them.


I didn’t play D3 on release only after the expansion, I heard the release itemization was bad (+auction house). After the expansion the ancient unique items (automatically max stat uniques) ruined it for me.

For Diablo 2 Resurrected world first holy grail (all unique items) took like 450 hours, and that’s just getting the items, not getting a good version of them.

I much prefer D2 itemization to D3, but best is PoE with both more layers of upgrades (many heavily RNG) and good RNG mitigation for getting items (Cards), which D2 lacks (apart from some target farming chance).

ARPGs in general are a good example of RNG used for both enjoyment and to incentives playtime. Sadly many of them get itemization wrong nowadays.

I’m not arguing with that. Blizzard can go bankrupt for all I care, and there are many other studios using stupid tactics to make you pay more that I don’t even bother with any games they release.

Probably the worst thing about it is they usually concentrate on the wrong thing too much. Instead of how we make it more enjoyable so people will like it more, stay longer they are just whale fishing usually.

Genshin Impact for all the gatcha BS did an incredible job copying and improving on the exploration gameplay loop, with puzzles, fights, vistas, chests, and other loot always in range to trigger those neurons with many longer term completions in each region to keep it tied together. It’s actually really enjoyable.

The other bad thing about these guys that they turn stuff the could boost retention and enjoyment into money makery. Payed skins are the best example of this, that basically managed to kill a large part of incentive and enjoyment in modern MMOs (and even other types of games).

That’s me. I drop games when progression stops. I dropped VT2 multiple times for this reason.

Progression doesn’t have to be gear, it could be Achievements with cool rewards (which aren’t just reskins), but I just don’t like that in VT2 gear progression is non-existent past like the 100 hour mark, and Achievements are usually either too quick to complete, or something incredibly silly, so game failed on both fronts basically.

On a side note, I hate the new penance system. They reduced the requirements for a bunch of long term achievements by 50% or more instead of adding even more, and the rewards are super easy to get.

Give something for long term players, to do. Do something for the actual people who fall into the “achievement hunters” archetype with some distinctive badge or frame that only 0.01 percent will get.

The system is way more geared towards people who just want everything right away (handouts), and those people will be pissed anyway (there were so many posts crying about stuff “taking too much time”…).

It was also a slap in the face, when I’ve noticed my hard earned Frames are now given out like candy.


Looking more and more like the doubters are going to be right.

I really thought we were going to get the devblog today. I assume (hope) that means we’ll get it on Thursday.


Same, info 2 weeks from an update is very much expected.

Guess we can start worrying now?

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Y’know, I very much did not want to be correct.

I would LOVE if Fatshark got its act together, abolished all the player-hostile greedy nonsense, and started pumping out content. It’d make me genuinely happy.


It’s so sad.

As FS said there will be multiple devblogs, it atleast have to be 2 and I don’t think they’ll release more then 1 per week… So I also expected one to be released today or this week.

I just voted for the release on the 25th because I felt positive for FS at that day but at the moment there’s not much positivity left.


We’ll be lucky if the crafting - itemization overhaul is done by July 25th



My insiders tell me that the update will actually just a bulletinboard in the Mourningstar which contains the devblog, just to keep things interesting.


And certain individuals will tell us that’s okay because it’s ‘just a framework for future content!’


Honestly I would worry more about Fatshark dropping a huge patch just before the whole studio goes on their month long “xmas in july” holiday. They do not have a good track record on that front.


You don’t want Hunting Grounds for 2 months in a row?


I was thinking of the WoM beta/release. I would sooner have 8 months of nothing but dogs + lights out than go through another fiasco like that.


Welcome to the “it’s so over bros” side of things.

Jokes on you, the post releasing the update is technically a dev blog as well. So they just have to do one beforehand, and that counts as multiple. You need to learn2fatshark-logic

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