[POLL] "An option to purchase Shillings"

Thank you, it’s such a relief to hear that!

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I guess my concern then becomes the cost of the premium items. I’ve seen games (like Destiny 2, which I’m currently playing) use this as an opportunity to utterly gouge their players. Selling weapon and armour skins for about $10 a pop, which is about as much as their season pass.

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This is sort of the problem with non lootbox cosmetic micro transactions. And in this case I side with the game devs on this one. Take PoE, Destiny, and League of Legends as examples. Players see an item and they’re like “Why does X item cost $10?”. It doesn’t, its to pay for the game. When you give content away for free, like the base game in Destiny or the whole game like in League/PoE then you have to make your money back elsewhere.

And with cosmetics if you’re giving away content then there’s a chance that players will buy non of them, not all players care about cosmetics. Also most players don’t want all of the cosmetics they only want some. In the case of Destiny/ as it is in Vermintide there are also cosmetics that can be earned in game. You have the option to use other skins that do not cost extra money and if the players for Vermintide like the earnable skins better than they may not purchase premium ones.

Also look at the alternative for paid cosmetics, lootboxes. Sure the base cost is lower, but that’s only because: A) they gouge children with no concept of RNG mechanics/Anyone of any age with gambling issues. B) You can never guarantee the drop you want (think red illusions but if you were paying to roll for them).

The result is since the purchase is a single time, cheaper than the cost of a content expansion, and not exploiting RNG/gambling elements. So since players can opt out and for the sales to recoup game development costs the prices go up. Sometimes a skin is $4 and destiny has some of those as does League as does PoE, and some of them are $20, Think a whole armor set, or a really flashy piece. While some would argue that’s gouging players, I say that its trying to offer players value for their support of the game.

Each of those games have their flaws when it comes to micro transactions. Destiny sells shaders (3 uses and they’re gone which means they expire). PoE sells inventory (slightly P2W since it is a gameplay mechanic while everything else the do is strictly cosmetic). League sells characters and use to sell quints (both of which influence gameplay). So even in what are good examples of cosmetic micro transactions they also have their flaws.

But I’m getting away from the main point. People complain about the prices but from what I’ve seen from other games I don’t find those prices to be distasteful. At a certain point games need to charge to pay their staff and maintain their game. And if they are making a good game they have the right to profit as well off of it I don’t think we should ask them to strip the prices to the bare minimum to just keep the lights on here. So I think that players need to consider the back end when they look at how much cosmetics items cost under each business model rather than assume its some form of gouging or contempt for the player.

Our hats are between like £2 and £4.


That’s actually great news and dispels my concerns. Thanks for the update, Hedge.

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And they all look great!


Do you have secret access to the paid cosmetics because if so plz share?

They are all available on Steam.

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All in all, there is nothing wrong with that you can have DLC for the price of hat :rofl:

With the release of S2 and Lohner’s Emporium, I think I’m gonna close the vote now.
Many thanks for all the votes and your contributions to the discussion. Hopefully it provided Fatshark with some useful ideas and various points of view from the community (if there were reading through it all anyways).

I guess I’ll ask @Fatshark_Hedge to close this thread since there is nothing more to be said.

Galri Asur.