[POLL] "An option to purchase Shillings"

That’s some willful ignorance right there.

I mean, yeah, I guess technically whether or not my company gives me free snacks at work is a separate issue from how much money I spend on my own snacks, but it’s not remotely an independent issue.


I just don’t see how that statement could possibly be true. If I’m offering the chance to buy something that can be earned how would you decide how much to charge without considering how much they are worth? The only comparison would be the earn rate. So at the point where you consider the earn rate to the pay model the two become linked. The only way to have them actually be separate issues would be take zero consideration of the earn rate and just set a price based on…a number that sounded good in their head? Like its possible but seems completely insane that there wouldn’t be some consideration of how much those shillings are worth in game time. Which then becomes that thing that many people don’t want them to do. Which is say “X amount of game time is worth Y dollars”.

Its one thing to say that can be done well. I think think most people would agree that it hypothetically could (though maybe not think it would). But to pretend that the pay decision could be made with no consideration of the earn rate, would be a terrible idea regardless of how generous or stingy they want to be with it.


Voted no. It will remove the value of anything you can buy with shillings.


Well, at least now we have an answer:

There will be an hard (buyable) currency for Lohner Emporium, it wont be only Steam DLC. I guess it won’t only serve for the exclusive cosmetics.

If the hard currency is not called Shillings, that means that they listen to us and that we can’t purchase Shillings, our voice matters, rejoice! :smiley:

Well I see 2 different money in this statement (hard currency and soft currency). So I guess we’ll see.

The wording doesn’t actually say anything. It depends if the same cosmetic can be bought with both the hard OR the soft currency. If there is a Differentiation it will be okay. But we have to wait. We also don’t know who answered this and if it was just some quick answer without thinking to much and the author means with hard currency the DLC cosmetics. We have to wait here.

On a sidenote: BETA Ends next “week”. This means player numbers will increase again.

As to the OP: I think I prefer some sort of limitation to the Shillings per week, as long as this is not circumvented with buyable Shillings I couldn’t care less. Other than that I really don’t care for a potential conversion rate. Even if buying 100 Shillings for 1 € equals 100 h in game grind I wouldn’t care. The problem is though, that the conversion rate is super subjective and you will never find one which is acceptable for more than 10 %. And honestly, the idiot part of the community does enough (un)justified dumping on FS already. Don’t give them more fodder.

Well the wording is pretty clear. There will be a buyable currency. It doesn’t say more, but it doesn’t say nothing.

Of course we need a disambiguation to make it all clear about what that currency will be used for, but it’s not far-fetched to think it will serve the same purpose that the soft currency with more possibility (Pre-Emporium DLC, exclusive cosmetics) as in every game economy similar to this.

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On a side note, I still don’t see why shillings should be limited every week. As there’s kinda no point into preventing a player to enjoy the game the way he wants (and rewarding him for it).

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So it looks like they are gonna pull the old trick of releasing something without micro-transactions only to add them later on (once the community gets acclimatized) in order to avoid immediate backlash.

Unless it is intentional. This way it encourages people to open their wallet if they don’t want to wait for weekly resets.


I’m pretty sure the lot of players that agrees with the limitations (as seens in all the discussion) do not intentionally agree in order to open their own wallet.

No, by intentional I mean that it is intentionally designed this way by FS to limit how much shillings players can make per week to force them into playing with money instead.

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I’m not so sure about that, they have a past of having extremely grindy challenges. The 100 hats for each career. The 500 deeds. The one weekly quest before being changed to 3 of bogenhafen. The 0.5% hat loot rate. The length of a complete Fortunes of War. The 120 Weaves. Everything speaks of the grind mentality.

No I think they try to keep us engaged by intentionally making it long. But they kinda forgot the fun part aka rewarding the small milestones with rewards so that the huge grind becomes several littles grinds.

This is not so new, and doesn’t reveal a diabolic plan to only take over our wallet (remember that we’re speaking about a game that could have been 50usd and is not at all).

I am not too sure this is justifiable, given all the feedback. Apparently they are gonna address the shilling reward system (maybe)

If however they keep this weekly shilling time-gated grind and just stick a “pay to skip the time-gate” MTX store on top of it, I’ll be really angry. And I am pretty sure I won’t be the only one.


I’ll mostly be disappointed if the microtransaction part is too agressive. I have no issue if the mtx part concern only items buyable in real money though.
And I’m kinda looking forward a bit more discussion between players and Fatshark on the roadmap itself, if some players could refrain from stating things like, and I’m quoting from recent tweet, “But you do realize that pvp is wanted by a really small percentage and a new class probably less positive answers gets than new map packs”.

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That is something I wonder. Are people really so convinced they are speaking for a majority when they are making these comments?

The Steam Forum for example is a mess, you have like 10 users who just bash everything and repeat over and over again disproven statements. That has to be some very special form of masochism if they stick to something which makes them obviously bitter.

Well, even if they’re not convinced by the popularity of their ideas, they try to sell them. With bias, false truth, and generalization… Wrong method, but i think it come more from desperation. They just want to be heard and push it to the limit but it just end up being conterproductive.

For all i know, maybe we’re all masochist here, sticking to something we love even with all its flaws? Do that mean we’re all blind or just that we care?

For me, the bitterness come from the lack of reaction to what we do here. We’re just speculating and end up runing in circle while we wait to see if our fears were right.

This is where I have mixed feelings about this beta. On the one hand we’re getting cosmetics and a way to earn them and the promise of new maps. But we’re also missing a large portion of the content. We’re not seeing the hard currency and what it can buy vs the soft currency, the new hats or the new hat prices. I want to be be optimistic because everything Hedge commented on acknowledged many of what i feel the largest concerns of this beta were. But there’s still too much of Emporium that falls into the “wait for it” category which like you said is really frustrating.

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Having seen this slippery slope before, I think there is too much incentive for developers to restrict the amount of shillings you can get in the hopes that you’ll pay for them instead.


My fear exactly.


I’m not happy at all with this news, tbh. Keeping the dollar cosmetics entirely as part of steam store dlc would’ve been a nice, transparent way of handling things. Clean, too.
‘Buying’ an exclusive currency that you can purchase cosmetics with is a practice developed entirely for the sake of making people spend more than what they need. Let’s say the cosmetic you want costs, idk, 300 Magic Coins ™. Well, too bad, you can either buy Magic Coins ™ in packs of 250, 500 or 1500 coins. Guess you’ll have to buy 500 and have 200 left over!

It’s a garbage practice. I’m not gonna go ahead and accuse FS of having this mentality when developing it, 'cause maybe they just figured ‘Hey, if it works for X and Y and everyone else, surely it works for us’ but I sincerely hope they steer goddamn clear of this path.

It’s starting to look like the emporium will be a copy paste from dead by daylight’s store, and I wasn’t too happy about how they implemented that, either. (2 currencies, one cash, one earned through ingame playtime. All cosmetics could be bought with the cash currency, not all cosmetics could be bought with the playtime currency. Playtime currency was incredibly slow to obtain.) But it did work out for them, I suppose.