Point Blank Blessing only triggers on weapon bash kill

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Issue Description (Required):

Rather than triggering on any melee kill, the Point Blank blessing for revolvers only seems to proc on killing an enemy with the weapon bash. Either the description is wrong or the blessing is bugged.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Load Psykanium with revolver with point blank
  2. Kill enemies with melee weapon, blessing will not proc
  3. Kill enemies with weapon bash, blessing will proc


[PC] Do You Use Mods? (Optional):

No, I don’t use mods

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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My sweet summer child that blessing is working as the good devs in fatshark intended. point blank only procs of melee(gun bash) kills not melee as in actual melee. I’m sorry you thought you had options but revolver only has 3 blessings, (crucian roulette, hand cannon and surgical) please only use those blessings.

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Is this blessing very stupid, I don’t recommend using it

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