Please Implement a "Remove All" Button

Given that you can’t smelt down equipment that is being used by any character and spec (a good idea) I think it’d be cool to have a “remove all equipment” button either in the character select screen where you pick your subclass (preferred) or on the character’s specific inventory screen (less perfect but still good). This is purely a quality of life change so that people don’t need to load into every single character to find a wayward trinket, and also to speed things along when you’re swapping characters and want to clear out their gear in case you get upgrades on another.


Put a button on the character select screen that removes all equipped items, replacing them with stock Blacksmith items.

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Is “remove all” -button better than “item you are about to smelt is worn by X. Do you want to smelt it?” -prompt?

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It serves the same purpose, but I feel like the remove all option (resetting the subclass to the starting blacksmith gear) would be more beneficial - and possibly be easier to put in.

Fair enough. I didn’t mean to contest the idea of it being useful. “Remove all”-button idea has actually emerged previously (in multiple independent instances), which I find a bit strange considering the “Are you sure you want to do this”-prompt has not despite it being a (I think) more commonly used mechanic.

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