Please allow DLSS swapping and full Reshade support

For graphics enthusiasts and people who generally want the most up-to-date experience, not being able to swap DLSS .dll files or use Reshade with full depth is a bummer.

DLSS is constantly getting updates and in literally every other game I’ve played with DLSS 2, you’re able to swap in a newer version DLSS file, which will have improvements to image quality and stability, and use it just fine. In this game however, which for some reason ships with DLSS 2.4.0 (a fairly old version of DLSS 2), if you try to swap in a newer version of DLSS the game will just render black or colors will get all messed up.

As for Reshade, it looks like EAC is configured to only allow the limited version of reshade without depth data support, meaning that we are not able to add in new depth based effects like better ambient occlusion, depth of field, motion blur, lighting, etc. I can understand disabling this in a PvP game, since people could use depth cues to see enemy players hidden behind stuff like smoke or grass, but in a PvE game it doesn’t make any sense. You’re literally just killing hordes of AI, and other games with EAC that aren’t PvP allow full Reshade with depth support. To be clear, I am specifically talking about the reshade version on the reshade download page labeled “with full add-on support” That is the one that has depth data.

Would be awesome to have both of these usable.


Actually, its reshade itself thats limiting, its made to detect online multiplayer games and then disable the z buffer to prevent using it potentially as a way to gain an unfair advantage,

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No I mean there’s 2 versions of reshade. 1 is a limited one that automatically disables depth in online games like you said, and then there’s a full one that doesn’t do that. I’m saying there’s no point in choosing to not allow the version of reshade with full depth access in a PvE only game.

+1 for DLSS Swapping, it should be whitelisted.

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