Plasma rifle

I have no problem with this as by lore the plasma weapons are temperamental and are prone to wounding errors. The trade-off was they were WORTH risking that luck by being really good at vaporizing targets.

They dont vaporise targets, need a crit headshot to kill specials, while it should do with just a shot

Per se yes, but the weapon is so underwhelming and cumbersome to use, that additional damage is not needed.
If they would buff the Damage greatly, it would be another matter.

Since the plasma is extremely hot, beside killing specials with one shot, it should also stagger or/and light up trash mobs around the immediate impact.

Dude, plasma gun should make you want to take a screenshot of devastaion and show it to your parents.


My main problem with the plasma gun is the fact that the lvl 30 feat “Sustained fire” which reloades your gun, does not went the heat. I have no clue if it is a bug or a (annoying) feature. From the rumors i heard in the pre order beta it was a bug with the way they coded the reload animation to work with the “Sustained fire” feat.

However if they changed/fixed that you would not be forced to use the reload feats and you could feel pretty awsome when you needed a lot off firepower.


In the next patch, it sounds like the Plasma Gun is getting buffed overall. Somewhat more ammo, better and faster venting, lowering the “high heat” threshold. Only trade off will be somewhat more damage venting at high heat.

Looking forward to it.

Don’t forget wall hacks with bonus explosions. Sounds insane.

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Right? TWO splosions?! Praise His name. Had honestly just adapted to the lack of penetration on charged shots by not trying to use them against ranged targets in cover. I forgot this was a problem until they fixed it.

Being able to shoot through geometry was the only thing I thought it could have used but I didn’t expect they’d do that. Pretty neat buffs.

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I’ve tried again plasma yesterday and I just don’t get it.

The feedback you have is you actually hit something or not is kind of non existent.
It just doesn’t seem to have any visual impact even if you kill stuff.

Not an enjoyable weapon to use for me because of this lackluster feedback somehow.
Meanwhile you get blinded by any void staff user every 2 seconds while in melee.

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For me I just really dislike the click-charge-shoot mechanic. It should be charge-click-shoot

Trying to hit moving targets with a weapon that takes 0.57 seconds to charge up is super hard


The void strike visuals are why I cringe when they’re on the team. I hate that weapon so much lol


Generally wont fix it.
Its one of weakest elite sniping weapon on T4 and T5
Its weak on swarms
Its weak on shotgunners and flamers whoare tough AF


Shotgunners on Heresy, I disagree. It pops them fine.

Flamers do seem to gain an excessive amount of HP past Malice though. On Malice they’re a 2 shot. On Hersey, they become a 4 shot. Which I think is kind of excessive.

Increasingly I appreciate it on Heresy just for the ability to kill las squads at any range, cover be damned. That’s worth a ton.

The only way to fix it is to remove self-damage.