Plasma need better ammunition efficiency

Plasma seems to be the least ammo efficient weapon in the game, it costs 3 ammo per fire, but killing Elite and Special can only recover 2, and this is not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that it also consumes ammo supplies far more than other weapons.

If you do the math, you will see that most weapons require only 8 small ammunition boxes to recover one hundred percent of the ammunition. The exception is plasma, which requires 12 small ammo boxes, which means that not only is the plasma user himself limited by the low ammunition efficiency, but he also needs to ask the team for more ammunition supplies, which greatly affects the ammunition supply of the entire team.

Plasma, on the other hand, is not more effective than other anti-armor weapons, and the charge attack seems to be able to penetrate multiple enemies, but you only do this when killing elite enemies, and it cannot penetrate many elite enemies, that is, its penetration does not bring better ammo efficiency.

The plasma’s slow firing speed and the need to charge briefly before firing make it less accurate than other weapons, and you’re likely to miss a fast moving enemy. This further reduces the efficiency of plasma ammunition.

Plasma either needs some aoe damage or higher penetration to increase its poor ammo efficiency, or it needs the same ammo recovery efficiency as other weapons, otherwise having a plasma user on the team means additional ammo consumption. This is completely unreasonable to punish other players


I would argue that the Kantrael Shotgun could also be a contender for worst ammo economy, but you are still right about the Plasma Gun. It definately could use some love in the ammo department, whether thats more ammo regen or just a bigger ammo pool in general.

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