Plasma charge rate modifier and volatile affect damage

The charge rate modifier on the plasma gun affects the damage you deal with light shots. You will deal less damage with a charge rate below 69%, the most damage with around 71%, and the least damage with a super high charge rate. It can potentially kill a breakpoint, namely one tapping a trapper in volley without a damage perk (on a 80 damage 80 stopping power gun) with a light shot.

Even weirder, Volatile works in mysterious ways. If your charge rate is too high, then volatile makes you deal more damage with your light shots. If your charge rate is too low, then volatile actually makes your damage even worse. Volatile also doesn’t increase the charge speed of minimal charge shots, but makes them charge more in the same amount of time, resulting in more damage and more ammo being used.

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I showcase evidence of this in this video. The trapper example was done with 2 plasmas with 80/80 damage and stopping power, one had 71% charge rate the other had 79%. I also showcase the effects of volatile.


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