Pinging downed allies is still broken

You used to be able to ping / tag downed allies and your characters would say specific lines about them being downed.

These lines have been missing for a while, I think they’ve been gone since the Engineer came out in November.

The ability to ping them and the voice lines that come with it should be fixed / returned. They were hilarious and I made a point to ping the elf every single time because Saltzpyre always had the best lines yelling at her.

It was intentionally removed if i recall.

Nowadays what doesnt work they just remove. Fix things which still exist, but in the notes there’s the line that this and that are fixed. I think the stormers can be removed (x-ray vision), the stone walls (cannot stop the rattling’s projectiles), the backend as well (something always go wrong)

…If i recall correctly, at least for me that stuff was working perfectly fine up until it was removed with a patch.

Of course that does not mean it was working for everyone as per usual when it comes to bits of the game.

I don’t think it was intentionally removed, I think they removed it by mistake when trying to stop that thing where you could sometimes ping un-downed allies.

A lot of work into those voice lines just to cut them without saying anything.

I recall seeing it in the patch notes but i cant remember which ones.

The reason for doing it could be anything from it bugging or people not using it the way fatshark had intended i´d guess.

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