Personal quarters

I like the hub a lot, but sometimes I want to go afk for more than 5 mins without having to exit the game or go to the character screen.

Would it be possible to add access to personal quarters at the sort of elevator thingy. They don’t need to be super fancy, and can house trophies etc. or have a wardrobe/mirror for future customization options, but mostly a place where we can sit at without occupying server slots, in a semi-online way.

If other stuff like being able to customize your own team, from you’re roster of characters is added, this can be a place where players can do this, without occupying space in the HUB and having to get booted every 5 mins.


I’d definitely enjoy this. I’d prefer if it were on a per-character basis to allow for bespoke customization for each character’s living quarters. I’m getting quite attached to my team and it would be nice to have a few more avenues for roleplaying.


This would be nice just for avoiding the jarring “you were kicked” thing. Not exactly a seamless experience. Consider how there’s a few fun things to interact with on the DRG ship aside from just the shops, and you can idle in there.