Perma Crashes

Since i buyed the Dlc my Game ist constantanly crashing, it crash when im killing Enemeys, Smiting, or just Staning Arround.

GUID: af388845-4378-4fc0-bee5-83194c333811
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: 42462ce0-50a8-4082-b588-f50d350ee9a1Log File:Info Type:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crash Link:crashify://42462ce0-50a8-4082-b588-f50d350ee9a1

GUID: 9f1290cd-7349-4c99-9707-edce21ed25e8Log File:Info Type:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

GUID: 3363105a-2bc1-4a20-b011-f322711dbc15Log File:Info Type:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

GUID: aa7f7dd9-98ce-4f3e-8eb7-fc54135366baLog File:Info Type:-----------------------------------------------[Script Error]: error in error handling-----------------------------------------------Crash Link:crashify://aa7f7dd9-98ce-4f3e-8eb7-fc54135366ba

Im so done and just want to Play the Game, when im Lucky i can do one Round without Crashing.

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Looks like these are largely Access Violation crashes, the cause of which are numerous and hard to identify for specific people. We have a guide here which has various steps you can run through to try and solve:

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