Performance boost with these settings

I dont need help but ive an interesting observation on settings that render significantly better performance that might be worth to you looking into. Likely others will benefit from this for now who plays on a low end system.

Ive tested this on a few computers and friends have also benefitted from it so it is a rather strong thesis.

2 components are required settings wize.

  1. Run Fidelity FX Resulution 2 ! not 1.0.
  2. Flip the Anti Aliasing to FXAA

There is one quirk however and that is that anti aliasing will have to be disabled and then Reset to FXAA on each level load so it does not seem to stick with likely needs to be adressed by devs.

On my system the difference is besides better visuals that the game runs mostly in 60 FPS and during heavy combat it pretty much never drops below 45 witch is well playable even on higher difficulty. Without this setting the low end of the FPS is about 23 and 60 is rarely seen.


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PC Specifications:
i7 4 cores (ivy bridge, older model)
GTX 1660

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upscaling looks awful to me
fxaa looks awful, you are better of using no aa
run the game on low if you do not have a high end pc because it is so badly optimized

Actually these settings will give you better framerate than NOT using upscale.

try first, talk after man.

yes but with upscaling it will be a blurry mess

Nah. the 2.0 is actually super crisp when run at quality and with FXAA.(lower provides no benefit what so ever) 1.0 can suck grox however.


fxaa is literally just a blur filter, its not real antialiasing

Does not mather if it looks better. For some reason the game performs better with it on in unison with the 2.0 upscaling and significantly so. Why I have no idea but I’ll take it.

Give it a go and see for yourself .

no thanks, don’t want a blurry mess