Pennance wreaths

Would be nice to spend these points somewhere. Buy cosmetics or something.

Does any game exist, where achievement points are a currency to spend, rather than a number to track your progress by?

As far as i can remember, every game that i played, where these points exist, they are a number to compare and quantify the state of progression for the achievement system.

I think Guild War had something like that, or at least a currency that is obtained via achievements points

But tbh, I don’t see the need for this here.

Just total Penance rank/level Insignia or Frame would be good enough

FF14 makes use of them. You´ll get tokens to buy cosmetics, mounts, pets etc…

Resident Evil series has bonuses. You can unlock weapons, costumes, game modes, cheats, just game materials like concept arts, models etc.

rather than a number to track your progress by?

I dunno, but for me it’s a bit confusing. I understand “100/100 achievements completed” system especially when it is in Steam profile. But earning points, well… i can’t get rid of feeling it’s a currency i need to spend, eh.