Penances issue

It appears to me that some of the penances are impossible to complete with random people. I main a psyker, and one of the acheivements is to take out a boss with only brain burst. Oh, and nobody else must deal any damage to the boss, funny. This penance can be cheesed if u have friends, just like so many others. But if u dont have friends then there’s no way for you to complete it easily. And its rly difficult to find players who are actually willing to do them. I feel like future penances should challenge the player himself and be able to complete solo, and not rely on friends.

It’s a coop game, having achievements be all solo is not that good of an idea.

fair enough but can u convince 3 other people to pay that much for the game. Not everyone can afford it

Wait a minute. Are u understand that penance is are PENANCE? IT LITERALLY ABOUT YOUR SUFFERIN.

It can be “cheesed” with randoms too. If you have an Ogryn with shield in your team, ask if they mind if…and explain what is required.

except for you need to persuade every member on your team NOT to shoot the boss, otherwise it wont count. And trust me, very few pll are interested in helping

but I want the toppp(((

Still, doesn’t hurt to ask, and it was reduced top 90%, so mistakes are allowed.

I’d say just wait for an update to change it because right now its more hassle than its worth, a lot of them are.

As a certain Community Manager told us “Just get F R I E N Z”…

Ideally group penance should be penance that task and reward the whole groupe, like all the class having a common penance of dealing each at least 20% of a boss damage in heresy or more. So over could be interested in helping you or creating group with this in mind.

Hard penances have only one problem. Some of them needs to be done in one speciefic build (like pick and mix need lvl 30 talent for faster brainburst). In malice thats not that important, but on heresy+…

I would agree that some penances need refinement. Having a psyker ONLY kill a monster with brain burst? Remember, the moment ANYONE ELSE harms the monster, the psyker’s penance is moot. It’s not really well-designed for a game that’s centered around quick play…