[PC] Vermintide 2 - Sister of the Thorn - Available Now!


Today we are excited to announce that the new support career for Kerillian, the Sister of the Thorn, is available on Steam and Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders! Similar to both the Grail Knight and the Outcast Engineer, the Sister of the Thorn is available with our without the Cosmetic Upgrade.

The Sister of the Thorn is primarily designed to not be a heavy damage dealer, but instead, she is the master of crowd control. The unique career skill ‘Thornwake’ and the passive ability called ‘A Cluster of Radiants’ creates a unique career that you will want to master. You can read and learn more about the Sister of the Thorn below.

If you want to find out how Kerillian ended up a Sister of the Thorn, you can read the full story by clicking here to read Rebirth & Regret.


Official release trailer looks awesome, by the way.


Can’t get past this error, crashing after the new career video. Disabled all mods. No change.

GUID: 7ca4718f-c5e0-43a0-91d4-a8fb622ad22c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/ui/hud_ui/gamepad_ability_ui.lua:327: attempt to index local ‘size’ (a nil value)

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Sooo the Briar Javelin is available for all her careers. Anyone else think that’s a bit weird, or is it just me?

Lore reasons aside, another infinite ammo friendly fire machine for all the elves… woopie.

Blackbriar were never outright stated that they were only usable by the Wood Elf, maybe just produced (since it appear only in their army book)

That’s such a hype trailer, holy hell. H y p e

Same situation for me as it is for @DrClassy. Game crashes right at the start.


It’s not stranger than having moonfire on any of her careers, if i’m honest.
My only regret is that it doesn’t take a melee slot. I haven’t tried it yet mind, but I think it’d be cool to use both her new weapons on that career :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fatshark_Hedge Finally you guys made the challenges available with the base pack. Thanks for listening.

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Thankfully moonbow still seems the highest by far ( no players were harmed during testing).

The trick is that you slap this onto handmaiden and use a shield for melee.

Now you have a shield for horde control&protection and a javelin for all the times you want some stabby murder with the occasional kebab done…that said i also want a melee version with a block even if i had to lose the throw.

Those stabs are everything i wanted out of the spear.

Fair enough I suppose. The weapon just has Wutelgi written all over it, and the wiki only mentions it being used by wood elves.

Either way, it’s a damn cool addition. Having both a ranged and melee attack on it is just fantastic.

Yea this is an instant refund for after i saw that she gets 2 ranged weapons but cant equip both at the same time like all the other 4th careers.

What other career can equip two ranged weapons at the same time?

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referring to the fact that she gets 2 new weapons like the other careers but cant use them both as they are both in the ranged slot…

Did you refund any of the other dlc because you can’t use the 5 new weapons at the same time ? Like from the GK dlc I’ve practically never used the Bret. Longsword, and from the OE I’ve somewhat used the Masterwork Pistol but I didn’t stick with it (Though I do love both Bret. Sword and Shield and the Coghammer). Just because you can’t use both at the same time doesn’t stop you from trying them and finding which stick

This has to be bait.


Hedge sorry to be a downer but…she does metric tons of damage if you go for that, that level 20 talent that gives her a boost on passive activation is absolutely insanely overtuned.

At least when paired with the level 25 talent that gives her crit charges when abilities are used by the elf/nearby allies.

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Sister of the Thorn is a lot of fun, I’m loving playing her. Thanks FS !

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A very unpleasant surprise was the impossibility of purchasing whole Premium Career bundle as a gift.

Yes, I just figured it out while trying to buy this miracle as a gift to a friend.

She is broken AF and in equall parts GLORIOUS to play
Please, dont nerf her (i know she deserves it but BOY is she FUN to play)
But aside that
excelent new ulti
excelent new staff (javelin i didnt play yet I CANNOT NOT pick a staff)
Godmode talent after using her passive is just muah
Increasing all healing is what ranger bardin should have as a passive :smiley:
Healing from friendly overheal means if there is a decent zealot, you dont need to press block or dodge ONCE
And the staff … the STAFF pleas this needs to have some variant in darktide

So they did make a mage (sorta).
Nice to see.
Now I only need to be able to actually install the chaos wastes patch, and maybe I might actually be able to play again, one day.
Luckily, I don’t play a lot of Ker, Every lobby will probably have one the next weeks.