[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.8

The summing pool in Convocation of Decay, no longer deals damage.

Should probably be summoning pool

When the Bile Troll is downed, and generating - its head is raised a bit to allow for easier headshots while it is vulnerable.

Should be regenerating

Guys, am I the only the one, who’s concerned, that this game becomes more and more casual? I mean there are obviously good changes, that deal with some of the bad challenges:

But some parts of the game are becoming more and more skilless:

Especially end level events, that are becoming just a waste of time, rather than an epic challenge that a fully geared team has to overcome on their way to victory. Now all that’s left is Athel Yenlui and Empire in Flames - all other end level events have become trivial.

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The dashing fix was badly needed. If you ever spectated someone in dash, the front mobs spun 180 and chopped them in the back every time. Was unrealistic.


So the glaive buff was actually a great axe buff. That’s good.

Executioner nerf makes no sense at all, however. Halberd is the glaive equivalent for Kruber, where it simply outshines all other weapon choices. Nerfed the wrong weapon here IMO.

Nerfing a weapon that is too strong is only half of the solution though. If glaive and halberd are nerfed too much, there is nothing that can effectively replace the role of armour-piercing without some serious reworks for non-AP weapons, such as swords. I would argue that buffing the non-viable weapons is MORE important than nerfing the OP weapons like glaive and halberd. A balance of both would be better though.


What does that even mean? After this change from 1.0.5

I am very suspicious to any number changes that have no explanation to them.


What about damage cap?

Testing out the glaive backstabs with the improved dummies, it’s clear that the Shade talent Ereth Khial’s Herald (75% increased backstab damage) still isn’t working or the damage numbers are incorrect. It only shows a 1.5 multiplier with or without the talent.

Also of note is the glaive’s backstab multiplier for headshots. According to my testing, a light attack headshot from the front does 22.75 damage, whereas a light attack headshot from the back does 29.75 damage. This is only a 1.3 multiplier, a far cry from the 1.5 or 1.75 that it should be. The same goes for heavy attacks.

It might have something to do with the headshot damage nerf, but it’s definitely not showing the right numbers.

Do the dual wield weapons still only hit single time/single target on ult?

Apparently, yes.

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i dont get it fatshark. why would you touch the executioner sword. it was decently balanced now you nerf it out of the blue… im closing in on 1000 hrs played and this game is going the wrong way idk… please stop pushing away the few ppl that are still playing this


Well from what I can understand/infer, the 0.3 ->0.5 is a multiplier, meaning something like we get 0.5 point of stagger power per hero power instead of 0.3, or that maybe the stagger power was x0.3 the damage power and buffed to x0.5 , I’m not sure how it is calculated and it seems to be a bit complicated in this game.

the scaling for damge and cleave from 3.0 to 3.5 is, if I understood correctly, that at 600HP you do 3.5 times more damage and cleave than at 0HP, instead of 3 times.

Yeah I don’t get it… probably requires more skill than any other weapon to effectively wield and at best, in a perfect match, it’d still underperform relative to other characters. No idea what they were thinking there. They seem to keep nerfing Kruber in silly ways.


Are you f-ing joking. You made the beta the live version without putting out a fixed version of the beta beforehand for testing…


Unfortunately, yes.

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i think the real problem here is the level most of the people that are passionate about this game enough to be here reading this and commenting. i watch the live streams from fatshark and it is PAINFULLY APPARENT this skill level the developers are at is veteran/barely champion level with the exception of 1 dev. really paints the picture on some of the problems we are seeing with these “balances”. this game is a whole different game on legend and i hate to say it but the people making these changes dont play legend. multiple times on stream i’ve asked about if they play legend or not, the answer is always no. this is a feels bad man



Still you don’t get my point, that you can’t be certain about anything about this game, if you see the word ratio and numbers, but no explanation. This IS mostly likely a buff, but is it really a 67% buff?

I guess I didn’t, but to be honest it wasn’t exactly limpid. I think I understand better know, even though I’m not able to give a better explanation. But that is your point, isn’t it ? What do we do with this 0.3 to 0.5 ?
I absolutely agree on that this “0.3 to 0.5 up” isn’t clear, and I too would like some more explanation


Quality of life and casualization are not the same thing. Sienna’s living bomb change is logical and intuitive. It should’ve been there from the start.

The Bile Troll buried his head like an ostrich when he went down and this makes it so there is a wider field in front of him to head shot him. In a game(1.0.8 released), it was higher than I was expecting it to be. It’s something that needs more experience before having a definitive “too easy, doesn’t matter, or quality of life” kind of answer.

The respawning in arenas I’m on and off with. If you’re someone fighting a boss that’s tedious to take down alone, then respawning allies is a blessing from Sigmar as it makes it go much faster. And if your team is going to fail, then you’ll probably fail regardless of respawning. Either way, we’ve had respawning in arenas this entire time so it’s just a bug fix versus anything actually being added.

Are objective markers really a problem for you? For new players, Festering Ground can be confusing at the end and it helps point less experienced players in the right direction. For experienced players, the change makes little difference.

The Convocation of Decay change arguably makes it harder as instead of taking a tiny bit of damage, you lose stamina and enemies can hit you sooner/easier which will cause significantly more damage in the long run. Either way, a player shouldn’t be standing in there to begin with.

Opinions about balancing/nerfing/buffing aside, the improvements/fixes in this patch are great.


What if you are holding a ranged weapon / potion / bomb while reviving? Do you still automatically block?


Yeah but they’re also kinda things that shouldn’t have needed fixing in the first place, that required a massive chunk of the community to beta test well after full-paid release, and there really isn’t a lot of meat or substance to this. The endgame fundamentals are still in dire need of attention.

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