[PC] V2 - Patch 4.6.3 Notes (updated 18 March)

According to a post Hedge made on the V2 discord he’s not sure it’s working as intended, but none of the designers are in today to verify that or not. So I guess it’s just another case of waiting and seeing.

Would be nice if it had info that non charged backstabs delete that buff

Thats such stupid nerf to sienna, and (?) flame bardin weapons. That was little neat use of team work (you couldn’t live through it without buffs from team) now its just deleted.

Same here, thats massive nerf to already underplayed character, and it killed some staffes niche use

Does anybody know exactly what the completed stats for a mission mean? For example which careers get prioritized in the recaps

But I don’t want to clear the deeds. I want to make them easier to play - in the sense of finding people to play them with - and not to consume inventory space.

I’m looking forward to see this in action. However, unless the damage to the player is really high, it’s an antigrudge in my book.

I am really interested in seeing how this works, but I hope this doesn’t mean this is the weakest grudge ever now.

Does the second strike renews to the duration or causes further reduction? Doesn’t sound too dangerous to me.

Personally, I think this should have stayed, no matter what.

Able to provide some feedback:
The lack of an indicator for downed health is quite the severe oversight.
I’d like numeric UI to have more options (for example, the option to show only the total health, not the normal and the temporary) but it’s good.

Shade’s passive doesn’t really work well with dual daggers, even with parry. I’d go as far as to say that it goes against her playstyle to some extent (dodging and avoiding damge altogether). It would be fine if it was a talent choice, but as a passive it should be more versatile. (maybe tied to dodging an attack from an elite or parrying it?)

I still wonder how the map completion stat (on map selection)chooses a career. Maybe the last completion on the highest level with? or the first?

I understand that the hats are an issue. Can we please not have it shoved down our throat every five seconds?

Also, new UI is so huge and irritating.

The game somehow feels zoomed in. I can’t put my finger on it, though.

We will move the message to loading screens shortly, it’s just the best way to speak to the game population about the most critical of issues – such as this


It’s one of the things that made me stop playing. I just cannot deal with the amount of irritation.

The UI… I understand that some people might like that kind of animations when selecting equipment. I am most definitively NOT one of them. It feels so consoly it’s making me cringe.

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So @Fatshark_Hedge @Aqshy can we get a response on the removal of stacking dots for Sienna? Straight up murders fireball and beam staff, and neither was problematic so it’s a very confusing change. Also people have reported famished flames being non functional with this update (no bonus dot damage).

Could we please get clarification on this, and preferably a fix to the stacking dot removal ASAP?


This will be fixed in the coming days, yep. Removal of stacking wasn’t intended. Famished Flame will be fixed, too.


You can go back to Legacy UI

But I agree, hate the trend of game UI where everything is super duper big and still manages to give the player less information at a glance

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For now. Because, as they said, no new features are going to be present in that one.

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Thanks for the same day reply Hedge. Glad to see this was an error.


Hahaha, the reviews for Sister of the Thorn and the Forgotten Relics pack are absolutely entertaining. This happens when you take away a toy from kids. For those interested, make a blind guess which nation(s) are the angriest about the changes and then go to the store page to not be surprised. I wonder how they react when they notice that they are not in the majority and this negative bump will become forgotten in the long run.

Seriously though, the changes to Sister of the Thorn - at least for now - seem like a blessing. Much more enjoyable to play along. And due to restrictive nature of her debuff effects (melee, second hit only, etc …) the whole team is still weaker than a single SotT before. Really like the changes for SotT. Well done.

Moonfire Bow also is a lot better and more entertaining to play along side. This is how an unlimited ammo weapon should feel like. Low skill, low reward. Can still double bodyshot most enemies which makes it a viable alternative for people who can’t headshot and therefore have issues with ammo management.
Only downside is that the other outlier remained. Make a guess which weapon every single Kerillian I met today in the Cataclysm and Legend quickplay lobbies had. And be not surprised.

Shade I haven’t tested yet. Not sure I will in the foreseeable future.

And do something about the crashes and unintended bugs. You are ruining a good update again by letting it be drown in justified complains about performance.

EDIT: Hey look, it is my cake day. Close to my real cake day.


Could we get some clarification on:

The only thing we thought it could be was a Heat Sink change/fix, which has been this way on all flamethrowers with Crit forever (possibly intentional), but that doesn’t seem to be the case after testing. No Overcharge is reduced by the stream or the lmb.

It always worked with Hunter.

Or did it bug out somehow and we didn’t notice? :woman_shrugging:


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But a lot of the new features that got incorporated do not have the full features of the mods they were integrating, so staying on legacy UI with those mods would still work and possibly give more features ex. Loadout Manager? Forgive me cuz I haven’t checked the patch out yet, I was last playing as Kruber so I need to wait for the hotfix

First hit still gets the damage bonus from Blackvenom. It’s effectively a permanent 12% damage boost. Similar to Slayer’s damage passive.

Atharti’s Delight also applies on the first hit. Basically turning it into pre-nerf Flense for some dumb reason. Just like I feared and posted about. It also plays extremely poorly with temp on kill just for extra eye rolling.

Not to mention her silly +healing aura is still basically global.

Regardless, it seems like a good first step. Now to hope for a real proper BBB later in the year with some additional tweaks.


Yea, I halfway feared it would be that way. The argument still stands because - outside of her one career skill talent - she has to go melee and the debuff works at least for teammates on the second hit. Also a 12 % damage boost is still less than the near constant 15 % power boost she got from Isha’s Bounty (and more from a Murder of Spites). But yea, I would like for Fatshark to fix it and make the debuff and bleed for her own attacks to only start working on the second hit (hopefully without breaking the current effect on other talents like Fuel to the Fire). But it is miles better than previous version.

However, before they go into fine-tuning for SotT they should quickly fix the crashes and then the unintended bugs.

It’s a damage bonus + the bonus damage the poison itself does + the talent that doubles the effect + the talent that gives you extra bleed damage. Sister can now take Sword & Dagger and do two super fast charged attacks that kill everything up to and including a Mauler on Cata with bodyshots. She hasn’t been nerfed at all. She is one of the highest and lowest-skill melee DPS classes in the game… Yeah…

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Poison damage is negligible. But I repeat what I said before that Fatshark should fix the order of things so that:

  • First hit has no damage bonus and applies the Blackvenom debuff
  • Second hit has 12 % damage bonus and applies bleed or second Blackvenom stack if those talents are chosen
  • Third hit has 24 % damage bonus if talent has been chosen

Still stand to the comment that it is better than the previous version by miles.