Patch - Quality of Life Update

These improvements are much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Quick Salvage buttons pulls from other characters inventories as well.
  • Changing weapon illusion no longer requires unequipping it from all of the careers.
  • Fixed the missing localization for tooltips.

They’ve done it. The mad men


I’d like to thank you, Fathshark, for the Lore-Tips. It isn’t really the old lore pages but I’m happy for it nevertheless and so would like to extend my appreciation for this inclusion. :smiley:


Any chance of adding a no HUD toggle into the game’s options for those people who prefer to not use mods? I would really appreciate it.

This might not be the place to ask but there isn’t really any other place I can so is there any idea when ps4 is gonna get the bbb update it doesn’t seem like you post dates for when these things will drop at least not for console but if there is a date set it would be good to know and if you have plans to bring the quality of life update to console too

You can start a discussion in the V2 section. I cannot remember if there is a playstation tag but if not use this in your title:

[PS4] BBB date?

Your post will more likely be seen as a separate discussion. If you do not get a response back then you can navigate to the mail feature in your forum settings and you can personally ask a developer. Type @Fatshark and a list will pop up. Hedge and Julia are the customer support representatives.

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