Patch 2.4 - Release Notes


Welcome to patch 2.4 on PC that brings you some fixes and tweaks to Old Haunts and Enchanter’s Lair as well as some bug fixes.

2.4 Patch Notes


  • Enchanter’s Lair:

    • Added water collision on blood surface.
    • Removed interactable units and flow on the paintings found throughout the level.
    • Player camera should no longer break if a player rescuable in the boss room before encounter cutscene.
    • Barrel marker should no longer get stuck when hotjoining in to a match in progress.
    • “All heroes must be present” prompt now appears for clients when host is not at the door.
    • Nurgloth - Final Phase eruptions no longer deal any damage to bots.
    • Fixed a few spots where players can get stuck.
  • Old Haunts:

    • Fixed a spot where players can get stuck.
    • Fixed an illogical respawn.
    • Fixed a spot where bots can get stuck.
    • Fixed an invisible door that players could break.
    • Fixed a case of Face Spawning by the statues.
    • The Bottle counter should be sync’d correctly now for players who join a run in progress.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Introduced basic sorting functionality to store items.*
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Bardin uses his taunt ability during “Back to Basics” deed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Saltz from switching to melee whilst performing rapid fire with Brace of Pistols.
  • Fixed persistent scrolling audio in the store.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would twitch if switching between melee and ranged weapons with zero ammunition.
  • Fixed an issue where Sienna’s (Battle Wizard) ‘Tranquility’ buff would be removed too late when a spell was cast.

*This doesn’t allow for players to sort items just yet, but applies a default sorting with the following behaviours:


  1. unowned < owned
  2. hat < skin < weapon_skin < unknown
  3. price
  4. rarity DESCENDING (!)

Does this mean a bot has got a 100% chance of completing a res during the final phase? Or does the bot still get flung about?

Because this might encourage the weakest player to get kicked prior to the end-boss, or players running 3 man+1bot to increase the chance of survival/res-ing at the end.

I had hoped for a little more subtle tweaks to the end event phase 3 for Nurgloth. Removed Knockback OR Removed floor damage get my vote but still. Someone will come along and tell me how they can complete it blindfold tied in a sack with a broken finger so it’s fine I guess?


Last night I beat the event on solo cataclysm, after amputating my hands and running the game on a literal potato. Git Gud before posting such absurdities on these forums please.


No bot is going to hard carry during phase 3 of that fight.

It’s not the tweak I was hoping for, either, but if you’re solo running or not in a full group than this just means your bots aren’t going to unceremoniously die during phase 2.


It’s not going to carry, but it might pull of a Res when a player wouldn’t.


It’ll be dead long before the third phase though. No way a bot is more worth there than a player, especially since bots can’t pick up players that spawned back in after they died.


None tweak to third phase boss?

It’s totally broken and you can take unavoidable damage.

p.s I killed cata Nurlogh more times with pug too… so, no thanks, none gitgud is needed.

It’s totally broken

I killed cata Nurlogh more times with pug too

Both of these can’t be true. If it was in fact totally broken pugs wouldn’t beat it.


Sorry but this is just your opinion… broken/unfair/unbalanced doesn’t mean unbeatable.

Just like “totally broken” is yours, no need to be sorry.

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Nope, it’s an objective fact… since it’s enough to be hit one time by his scythes (even if you block the attack) and you can die. Enemies can track and hit us even while we are “flying” (when we can’t do nothing to defend ourself). We can be launched into orange zones during the explosion (so none way to avoid the damage).

  • soul23
  • objective facts
    pick one.

I’m just a sinner. Teach me the right way, master, since we all know about the huge contribution you offer to this forum.


To be fair: broken/unfair/unbalanced indeed does not mean unbeatable. That is fact.
However, likeliness is a whole other category.

I don’t know how many Cata pubs you’ve had in Enchanter’s Lair but I’ve seen maybe 1 in all my time looking for one and no one ever joins mine. I’d like to know your play hours so I can get into some of these groups that not only exist but can actually succeed.


Ps4? Anytime this millennium?

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