Patch 2.0.9 - Halberd

Could we please get the double overhead on halberd push-attack back?

I don’t know whose idea the new push-attack-overhead to stab to overhead combo was, but it’s not better, I can tell you that. It’s kind of a nerf actually.

The double overhead was always a means to delete elites in a horde semi-safely.
There’s generally no time to dish out the new three single target attacks combo safely, which means what we’re left with is an inferior push-attack-overhead to stab combo, basically.
The stab is less prone to headshot in addition to the damage being worse compared to the overhead.

Furthermore, the double overhead could be followed up with a light sweep if you were feeling adventurous, which was an open change from just block cancelling light sweeps, and was still pretty safe since it cleaves pretty well.

And if there’s no time to safely dish out the new three single target attacks after a push, there’s definitely no time for a sweep on the fourth, since it’d be preferable to just push again at that point or something else.

So again I ask, could we please get the double overhead on halberd push-attack back?
Or at least make the new combo into push-attack-overhead to stab to sweep instead.


Ain’t that just a bug that’s been here? Before patch I’d sometimes combo into a stab, sometimes not.

Actually, how is halberd now? I tried it for a little bit following that Cata FK guide, but didn’t feel like I was doing better than the 2h hammer. Hadn’t tried it on merc because spear is just so cute

Edit: “2.0.9” oh, well, last question still stands.

It hardly matters whether it was a bug or not.
The double overhead was a large part of the halberd’s strength, and its removal hurts the weapon sorely.
Blocking on revive was initially a bug too if I remember correctly.

It’s hard to overstate how essential the double overhead on push was even for hordes, since with the right breakpoints the overhead kills clanrats, fanatics and gors on body hit and marauders on headshot, at least on legend.
At the same time FK’s speed buffs on push gave it the attack speed it sorely needs, and naturally the push provides horde control.


Hmmmmm just tried it and yeah it’s changed. Played with it a few patches ago and it wasn’t like this. Was this mentioned in any patch notes? Don’t remember seeing it. Hopefully it’s unintentional but how?


Who the heck even asked for this?

And I mean that whole heartedly. Was there some kind of in depth discussion that was missed here. Maybe it’s better in every single way and we just don’t see it?


The Patch is a step into the right direction.
This time: good work! (if it functions now like promised)

Halberd was the perfect balance between a elites killer weapon and a crowd control one. Good in everything, perfect in nothing. That was its spot, a wonderful and balanced spot.

They have ruined it.

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Its never comboed into stab it was always push atk overhead

Ok right now halberd need buffed overhead damage or its quite bad spot, spear will do everything better than halberd in that way, and I know fatsharks loves its better dlc weapon than rest but thats just unfun


It’s actually not bad, but it’s probably a bug. But yea, the block push is now a overhead, stab, overhead. If you can line up headshots, it’s even better for dealing with armour now.

You can actual do Block Push attack, overhead, stab, then heavy. This will put the SV at full stagger for the heavy which should hit around 6 damage or so depending on build

I just got back from a whole week of playing spear, I miss my lovely Halberd… then I found out they changed it. The change kinda ruin the fun I used to have while playng Halberd.

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yeah but with CW strange head hitbox forget about push headshot reliably

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Bug report forum?

eta: did it myself 2.09 Kruber Halberd


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I wait 4 hours to give the OP a chance and within the same minute multiple people do the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:
Ah, the internet.


Halberd is now fixed (Patch


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