Patch 13: Class Overhaul Part 2

Wow, chain weapons are getting some love!

I think so too!

I am a little less enthusiastic about the shield, since it’s usually the problem solver in Hi STG to deal big damage quickly before the enemies have time to get to you.

The Palpatine skill looks pretty OK (the lightning really should have started in the palm of the hand instead of the forearm), but is a bit too risky for me since you are “locked” in the animation.

The Yondu Blades seem to be the best choice so far, as they might compensate for the revolver’s weakness, are apparently "heat-seeking?, and also seem to do good damage against specials/elites.

While it would be absolutely broken (again); Purgatus and Flamer should do more damage against armor.

Cooking them alive in their tin-can!



This is the state the game should’ve launched in, the game feels so good to play now and it feels more feature-complete. This is great!

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If it makes you feel any better, that Aura is hot garbage

Balance changes wise, my only real criticism is that I don’t understand why the human shovel didn’t get way more love. Seems like they barely touched it.

Honestly i don’t care. Imo the whole coherency has been a bad design ever since launch.

Can we also get something like this for the power maul please?

They officially added the Rock and Sto-- I mean… For the Emperor button ^_^/

The cleave buff to thunder hammer is massive and much appreciated, however no buff to it’s base damage is very sad with the increased health pools. I’d love to be able to one tap Bruiser and Stalker heads in Damnation and I don’t think that’s asking much. The hammer just don’t feel good when the bonk ain’t stronk. Maybe it’ll be possible somehow. Regardless, mega hyped for the patch! Time to log in.

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Uhhhh, it’s a latrine shove… it’s like got poo on it. and no one is getting enough fiber in their diet either. I agree it needs some love, after a good scrubbin.

Seems like an odd thing to mention in patch notes if no changes were made to these numbers specifically? Are the numbers supposed to have been changed but weren’t written?

(It’s like that for a bunch of different weapons on this post)

I’ve played this a bit this evening and, while I like a lot of the skill tree, I don’t like how with some classes you are forced waste points unlocking passives you may not want to get in order to get a grenade or ability you want.

Example, with my Zealot, I want to use the flame grenades while being melee focused, but can only do so by wasting points in ranged combat to unlock it. I think it needs to be changed around a bit so that you can take the abilities you want without being forced to waste points on passives which might be useless to your build in order to get to them. It’s highly inefficient.


I wonder if it’s for clarity? If only 1st target was mentioned, that may be perceived as the other values as no longer present. That, and since a number of weapons have their entire damage/impact table changing, it keeps things consistent


God Emperor damn it, my Penance “Traitorous Collective” is STILL Stuck (now about 10 months) and not Fixed.
Seriously, what do i need to do to get this issue looked at?


Looks like we’re getting closer to the 1.0 release!

I might take a look at the talent trees and see if there’s anything interesting there.

…Actually, I might wait a few weeks for all of the inevitable bugs to be discovered and for people to report the bits of the patch which weren’t actually included.


It feels like we went from alpha to beta. We have stuff, we just need some balance.

  • Heavy Attack Base Damage (0%, 80% Damage Stat):

    • 1st Target: 125, 225 to 150, 270.
    • 2nd Target: 50, 90 to 50, 90.
    • 3rd Target: 40, 72 to 40, 72.
    • 4th Target: 25, 45 to 25, 45.
    • 5th Target: 0, 0 to 10, 18.
    • 6th Target: 0, 0 to 10, 18.
    • 7th Target: 0, 0 to 10, 18.
    • 8th Target: 0, 0 to 10, 18.
  • Heavy Attack Cleave (0%, 80% Cleave Stat):

    • 1.5, 5.1 to 5, 9.

Will cleave damage bonuses from blessings increase The Evis’s Damage against 5th target and beyond? I and I’m sure many other are overjoyed at it’s buffs as they are with the cleave cap removed from heavy attack, I’d just like to clarify how that damage distribution plays out as I have both T4 blessings for cleave on my current one and can theoretically cleave a maximum of 36 enemies per swing with my 400% max cleave bonus.

If I’m not mistaken, increased cleave won’t affect the damage dealt, so you’ll do 10-18 (based on damage % roll) to all targets from the 5th onwards. Any buffs/modifiers to your damage will increase that number accordingly.

(if I’m understanding your question correctly)

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You have! Thank you!

I wrote my question poorly, thank you for understanding what my sleep deprived brain was trying to understand and explaining it eloquently.