Party/Group finder system needed

This game desperately needs a group/party finder system/menu or some kind of join a lobby selection.

For a game that focus on real life co op teamplay this is essential. 3rd party programs like discord is too slow

I would also like to see some sort of option that auto-queues into a more structured party, even if it means longer queues. Given the way the game’s balance works between the classes, too much overlap in a particular field and at the highest difficulties, it feels like a foregone conclusion that the run will be a fail (minus the cheese stack strats). I pretty much always back out of a game if I see triplets/something resembling triplets, and as a result there are frequent occasions where I spend just as much time looking for a match/cycling through characters as I do playing.

I’m assuming it’s in the works, but a better pre-game loadout screen couldn’t come quick enough; some of these issues might be forgiven (might, being the key word) the next time I see a quad zealot game if at least person other than me picks a pistol or lasgun to help deal with snipers and other distant threats, rather than everyone spamming flamers/bolters.