Paintings voiceover

Lohners voiceover for the paintings (for all those who don’t know, they have one) only works on 2 of the 6 i have, i don’t know if they all should have one, but it’s a good enough guess.
As i don’t have all of them, i can’t tell you which work and which don’t, and it will be some time that anybody gets them all, so i would just ask you to check them all for this bug.

Here’s a log where i waited the appropriate time for Lohners voice to start reading.

console-2019-02-20-15.52.00-1A4CC025-DB19-403E-BA13-2081.log (115.1 KB)

I think painting related bogenhafen has voice bug you mentioned

There’s no VO for some of them which is intentional. :slight_smile:

Oh. Thats… sad, in a way. I like that feature a lot (voiceacting in V2 is just superb and one of my favourite things about the game) and would have wished for all of them to be narrated. Well, at least it’s only 4 of them.

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