Packmasters from Twitch mode spawn directly on top of players

I don’t have a screenshot of the incident because we all died so fast, I’ll have to describe where we were. This incident happened on Halescourge late in the map, past the second Grim there is an area that slopes upward towards a big gate. At the bottom of the slope there is an archway. My party was in a loose line fighting a horde in that archway when twitch mode decided to spawn some packmasters. However it spawned them literally on top of two of my teammates, which resulted in them being grabbed and instantly dying to the horde right in front of them. There was no way for them to react in any way.

Twitch spawns work differently from regular specials in that it spawns them as a group and closer to the players than normal. But in this instance there wasn’t enough of a minimum safe distance around the players.

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Same for bosses, Chaos Spawn can warp in and grab you as it’s spawning.

That gives me flashbacks from the first days after release. Everyone got used to that, eventualy

This is not only a Problem on twitch Mode .On Xbox it happens in normal matches often especially on Legend where you got a higher special spawn rate . My suggestion would be somthing like a spawn barrier for specials around Players cause it feels kind of unfair when youre Party gets messed up by 2 graber spawning in to you while you fight a horde in a small Tunnel . I think
of Vermintide as skill based coop game with Good balanced combat system but this always gives me a feeling of unfair randomness cause you dont even get the chance to react when you get in this kind of Situation . I got no problem with the number of specials ,could be even more on Legend to get the difficulty a bit up , but There should be time to react. I apologize for my bad english but i hope you get to understand my point of view .


Are you sure they spawned on top of you or just close enough to start a grab? Any of those twitch spawns for specials spawn those specials in range and the start of attack animation. It is part of the twitch mode.

Not to turn this into an Xbox thread, but about a mointh ago we were running a Hunger in the Dark Legend run, and you know that area you have to run through in the dark with only the wagon lantern as light? We were fighting a horde AND a Chaos Spawn when three hookrats spawned in and simultaneously hooked three of us. No audio cue and barely a second delay between them appearing and hooking our party. Never seen anything like it.

It was epic – wish I had made a video cap of it, but we were laughing/cursing too hard at the game to remember to do so.

I saw it happen right in front of me, instant spawn-grab. The packmasters didn’t have to move at all, they just went into the grab animation. Usually twitch places them at least 10-20 feet away as a “close” spawn but this time it was right on top of us.

It’s funny because I was just talking about this recently. It happens on PC too. Specials spawning 5 feet from you around a corner. Hordes spawning in a sort of gridlike pattern all around you and then collapsing in on you(from 2 feet from you to across the screen). Patrols spawning 10 feet from you and then insta-agro. It’s been absolutely ridiculous and anti-fun. Packmasters making absolutely no noise until they’re up your ass. And spawn points every 3 feet, even in places that make no sense(or they added “holes” to crawl out of). It didn’t used to be that way and then at some point they mysteriously changed it and never mentioned it in patch notes, as far as I’m aware. Or barricading/ruining a number of spots in maps that would be good to hold against enemies. A most notable one for everyone should be Righteous Stand in the final event. They just make the changes and never say anything.

The patrols spawns have been a problem since beta. They’ve gotten better over time but there are still certain problem spots where the game thinks “well this is totally fine because it’s out of line of sight” and spawns things in directly in front of advancing players.

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