Out of body krubar experience

Was playing on Weave 29 (?) and was in the downed state when my friends went through the first portal. When it loading in, I was in 3rd person with only my hands and sword visible, controls were all sorts of messed up. Fixed it by going down again and getting revived.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue- not sure
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you- 1st time it happened
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

While this won’t stop the bug from occuring, know that you can fix it when it happens by pressing the button that lets you see your character in third person. Default button is “X”. At least this way you don’t have to get downed to go back into first person view.

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Anything that loads your third person model I think fixes it, so using a kit or hanging off a ledge can fix it too if you have inspect unbound for some reason


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