Open ceiling in ,,the pit''

Issue Summary:
i just played ,the pit’’ with my group and at the last tome i tried to skip some of the path. So i grabbed the tome and choose to run on the fence (instead of jumping down into a horde). So i walked over the fence to the connected building, walked left side around it and dropped trough the ceiling into a small box, XD. No escape, enemies know you are there, but they don’t do anything besides looking at you. Would be nice if you could close that ceiling :slight_smile:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. start the pit
  2. reach the 3rd tome
  3. turn around, jump onto the fence
  4. follow it to the building
  5. walk around the building
  6. drop through the ceiling

Constant (100%)
Well it should be easy to reproduce, cause it is not the intended way to choose XD

DarkDogma alias Sir Didymus

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